MACBA stands for “Museum of contemporary Art of Barcelona” in Catalan. It is one of the most active and important art centres in the city. The museum was opened in 1995 in the heart of Barcelona's Raval district, one of the neighbourhoods with the biggest population of working class people in the whole city and also a multiracial area which in recent years has undergone profound urban transformations. The MACBA occupies different spaces that are spread around the Plaça dels Angels square, a Mecca for skaters. The Meier building is the main one. It takes its name from Richard Meier, the architect in charge of its construction. Right in front of it we find the Convent dels Àngels, a building which was initially planned as a religious place, but which is now used as a cultural centre. Another prominent building we can see in this area is the CCCB (Barcelona Contemporary Culture Centre) located in La Casa de la Caritat, an old almshouse that has been completely renovated. Here, we simply have to point out the Patio de les Dones, where the contrast of the old walls with the new modern glass façade is striking. Sónar, the most important electronic music festival in the world, was held in all of these areas until 2012, when it was relocated to a bigger venue.

Created: 06 Apr. 2014
Last update: 24 Aug. 2023