• Plaça del Diamant

This square in the district of Gràcia owes its fame to the novel La Plaça del Diamant, written by Mercè Rodoreda and published in 1962. At one end of the square, you can find the statue dedicated to "La Colometa", the central character in the famous novel by Rodoreda, surrounded by her inseparable pigeons. The square was baptized with this name by the jeweller Josep Rossell, who bought the land in 1860. In fact, some surrounding streets also have jewellery-related names such as Pearl and Ruby. Another attraction of this square aside from its daily hubbub can be found underground. In 1992, a bomb shelter was discovered hidden underground dating from the Spanish civil war, with a capacity to shelter up to 200 people.

Created: 07 Dec. 2014
Last update: 23 Apr. 2024