Movies for your ears
Every place has a story to tell. Dive into a brand new world of audio experiences determined by your location. All you need is your smartphone, our mobile app and ear plugs.

A new dimension of perception – discover Locosonic Soundscapes! Soundscapes link sounds, music and stories to a location. While exploring an area, you will hear the Soundscape that matches your location. Like an additional sense, Locosonic allows you to experience places through their stories and music. Download the Locosonic App to your smartphone, plug in your headphones and start discovering your surroundings.


Locosonic in three steps


Access the Google Play or Apple Appstore and download the free Locosonic app.


Open the app, chose a Soundscape and download it to your phone.


The map shows you the location of the Soundscape. Walk to the location, put your headphones on and get swept away!


Three steps

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Locosonic technology powers CitySoundtrack Barcelona

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