• Plaça Sant Jaume

Although it is not the largest square in Barcelona, we can certainly consider this to be the most significant and invaluable one. In this rectangle measuring 68 meters long by 48 wide, we find the Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya (seat of the President of Catalonia) and the Barcelona City Council facing each other across the square. The fact that so much political and administrative power is concentrated in this little space has made Plaça Sant Jaume a meeting point for all kinds of demonstrations. It is here where most protests are held throughout the year, shouting at either of the facades. But it is also here that we can find some of the best known displays of Catalan popular culture, among them La Mercè, Barcelona’s great festival. Exhibitions of castells (human towers), correfocs (firework dances), popular concerts and the traditional Christmas Nativity scene can all be seen in this square, too. The balconies of both the Generalitat and the City Council are also very important. For many years, both were used to celebrate Barça’s triumphs. They have also been the stage to historical events such as in 1977 when the President of the Catalan Generalitat, Josep Tarradellas, who had just arrived from exile after the death of the dictator Franco, stood on the balcony and uttered the famous phrase "Ja sóc aqui" (I'm here now).

Created: 29 Nov. 2014
Last update: 28 May. 2021